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Thorough research is the key step in creating a memorable logo defining a new or existing business.

The design needs to be relevant for the business and differentiate it from close competitors.

For tips and advice on how to get started, check out our Blog Posts on the benefits of good design, graphic control manuals and getting off on the right foot.

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Corporate Identity

This is the next step after designing a good logo. Corporate Identity involves planning a complete Corporate Identity Program. The objective is to establish a unified and coordinated company look for a strong public image. The new look should be designed to increase public awareness of the company's products, services, their people and its position in the marketplace.

Corporate Identity includes: company stationary, promotional ads, brochures, trade show displays, signage, vehicle fleet marking, company uniforms, video productions, entrance foyers and web sites.

Control Manuals

Control is essential in the development of a successful Corporate Identity Program. a good manual unifies the corporate image and helps to standardize how the company presents itself to the world. A graphics control manual is set up to keep the design application consistent through out the organization, which in most cases operate in other regions, provinces, states or countries.

Artfield has developed graphic control manuals, for promotional print pieces, stationary, signage and fleet marking for many diverse corporations.


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